Occhipinti Consultora Grafológica

Prof. Ana María Occhipinti
Ana Maria Occhipinti

Currently live in a highly competitive environment, the difference and success depend on the people who make the company and the effective administration of its Human Resources.

The structure, technology, material and financial resources are the physical and inert elements that must be managed intelligently by people within an organization. It is for this reason that we are oriented to the total customer satisfaction and will work with the certainty of being a strategic partner more than just Consultant Marketplace.

In order to provide our continued support, we offer a group of highly trained professionals.

  • Search and selection
  • Training
  • Advised
  • Clarification of criminal acts
  • Graph-Psychological Analysis
  • Psychological Consulting
  • Calligraphic Consulting
  • Forensic Analysis Graphology